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You've met the perfect man, and you have the perfect ring on your finger. Now, how do you plan the perfect wedding? A wedding is truly a unique and memorable event, and if you want everything to be as you have always dreamed, you must plan everything in detail.

One way to make your wedding planning easier, is to hire a specialist, a wedding planner. These are specialized people, who know how to plan a wedding in detail. They can take care of everything, and all you need to do is to tell them what kind of wedding you want to have. Unfortunately, these services are not cheap and many couples cannot afford hiring someone.

Planning a wedding means a lot of effort. If you have ever participated or maybe even planned a wedding before, you know that it can be very stressful and overwhelming at times. There are so many things that need to be taken care of, and so many details, that sometimes it is impossible for a couple to get all things organized. So, in most of the cases, a wedding planning checklist is necessary.

Breaking your wedding planning down into sections and having a wedding planning checklist can make your job a whole lot easier. There are so many things you have to deal with: guest list, ceremony location, menu, flower arrangements, bridal flowers, bride's wedding dress, groom's tuxedo, best man's tuxedo, wedding cards and so on. With a little communication and patience while you make what seems like a never-ending list of choices and decisions, your wedding day will turn out perfect.

All that planning can become an easy job with a proper wedding planning checklist. In fact, for a stress and hassle-free wedding day, you'll either need a lot of lists or one central wedding planning checklist. You can do your checklist in a notebook or on the computer. The important thing is to get organized and stay organized.

To further reduce your stress, once you have completed the list, choose several people to help you take care of them. Involve the bride's and the groom's parents in the process, close friends and other members of the family that are capable to solve problems.

For example, the bride's parents will take care or renting a ball room for the ceremony, the best man of renting limousine, the groom's parents could take care of the flower arrangements, and so on. Everyone will all have something to do, and you will certainly have things done earlier than planned.

What have you included on your wedding planning checklist?

First, you'll need a master wedding planning checklist listing all the details you need to take care of and then you can work on the finer points of each one. You'll want to start by establishing a budget. Then you can build up your wedding planning checklist according to the budget you have set.

The Reception
First, you will need to choose the kind of reception you want to have. Are you planning a large wedding, or a more intimate gathering of friends and family? Talk with your relatives and soon to be in laws to get an idea of what their needs are, as their concept of small may be quite different than yours. Once you have a general idea of how many guests you will have, you can then visit reception possibilities and talk with them about what they offer. Remember that the places you choose to visit have most likely hosted many weddings before yours, and they can present suggestions that you haven't thought about. It is perfectly okay to not have all the answers immediately, and many reception sites will gladly let you take their information so you can spend time considering what they have to offer. If you have questions, be sure to ask them, as this is a great way to see how flexible the site and staff will be to meet your individual needs. Of course, you will need to determine your wedding budget, as the reception will be where you spend the most money.

The Food and Wedding Cake
The next item on your list is to choose the food and the wedding cake. Discuss it with all involved and establish a menu that you all agree on. It's a good idea to sample the food at each reception site, preferably the same food you might choose for your wedding. The time of day that you choose to get married will also impact your food choice. If you choose a mid morning wedding, you might prefer to have a brunch buffet, while an evening wedding calls for more a more formal presentation. Whatever you choose, do not hesitate to ask for references from whomever will be providing the food at your reception.

The guest list is important when planning a wedding, as you'll need to be careful who you invite, and make sure your budget allows you to feed them all.

Start with the difficult parts
To make your wedding planning easier, it is a good idea to begin planning at least six months before the wedding. Also, take care of the stressful aspects first. This way you would have finished the most stressful planning stuff long before the wedding day and you will be in much better mood by the time of the ceremony.

For example, it is best that the bride choose the wedding dress early on. In most cases, this is the most difficult task for a bride, so make sure you start searching for a bridal gown in time. Bridal shows, internet or specialized magazines are the best ways to start your search. The way you accessorize can be quite an issue, so time is important.

At least a month before the wedding, you'll need to check with the county clerk to see what the marriage license requirements are in your state. You'll definitely need a valid driver's license or state ID and some states require birth certificates and social security cards as additional proof of identity and age.

If you do have to order any documents, do so as soon as possible and check the status of these once a week.

You'll want to have lists for flowers, the photographer and the caterer on your master wedding planning checklist. What flowers have you chosen and on what date do you order them? Have you discussed food with the caterer? If friends or family are providing the food, have you decided on the menu? Make a list of everything you will be serving, who will be making what and when and which ingredients to buy.

In fact, you may want to incorporate into your master wedding planning checklist a list of all the things you need to buy, from the wedding dress to the new punchbowl set.

When you send out the invitations, you'll want to keep track of who has RSVPd and who has declined. You can do this on your master wedding planning checklist. It's important that you know how many guests for which to plan.

It is also recommended to attend two or three wedding shows. You can see new things, such as new wedding dresses, bridal flowers and flower arrangements, special menus, invitation cards, wedding favors and so on. This way it will be easier to make a good wedding planning list.

Your master wedding planning checklist will be your best friend during the coming months. It will make your life so much simpler if you're able to quickly locate the status of many of the important details of the most important day of your life. Take enough time to make the list, and then start with the most important aspects. As you you finish with those, you can calmly continue with the rest of the tasks.


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