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It's the day you've been dreaming of your whole life and you want everything to be just right. But, you don't know where to start. You could spend thousands of dollars hiring a wedding planner but that's out of your budget. How about planning your own wedding using wedding planning software?


Wedding planning software allows you to plan everything from the smallest detail to the most important aspect of your wedding. It will even take your budget into account. For example, you can design and print your own professional looking invitations and envelopes and save a bundle from what a professional would charge. With wedding planning software, you can import names and addresses from your windows address book and other programs. Then you can keep track of RSVPs you have received, and who has declined, etc.

Wedding planning software turns these mundane details into a fun way to keep track of things. When you use wedding planning software to help you with invitations, you also get a bonus feature that helps you to know how to address the envelopes. "Wait a minute," you laugh, "I know how to address envelopes." However, if you're keeping with traditional etiquette, you may find it helpful. For example, do you know the difference between addressing the envelope for a widow and a divorcee? What about two unmarried people who are living together?

Who is keeping track of the gifts? With wedding planning software, you can easily list who brought what and start addressing those thank you notes ahead of time. You certainly wouldn't mail them ahead of time but it would be nice to have them ready.

What about the photographer, caterer, bridesmaids and groomsmen? Wedding planning software provides a convenient place to keep all the names and telephone numbers of the maid or matron of honor, best man, groomsmen, ushers, parents of the bride and child attendants. It also provides a detailed list of the duties of each attendant. This can be extremely helpful when planning a traditional wedding.

If you've planned or helped plan a wedding before, you know all the details that have to be worked out. If you haven't, wedding planning software lists everything that needs to be done and gives you tips and ideas on how to accomplish it. If you've never booked a caterer before, would you know where to start? Wedding planning software lists all the questions you need to ask and helps you plan each element of the wedding and wedding reception.

There are many different kinds of wedding planning software. Some are more extensive planning tools than others. Look around until you find exactly what you want. Happy planning!

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