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Planning the Wedding Music


The success of a movie, of a show, or of an event such as a wedding and all kinds of social ceremonies is extremely dependent on music. Music is the life of your wedding. It sets the tone, creates the mood and speaks of your love for one another. Depending on what you choose, your music can greatly enhance your wedding.

First, realize that different music will be played during different times throughout your wedding. What might be appropriate for your reception may not be for when guests are arriving, etc. While the music may be different, you might want to stick to the same musical theme. For example, if you hire a string quartet to play at your ceremony, it would probably be best to have a live band at your wedding instead of a DJ. But if you choose a compilation of prerecorded music, a DJ might work better for your reception.

You might want to create a feeling of solemnity while guests are arriving, to demonstrate the importance of the day. Or, you may wish to hear something more sentimental, such as your favorite songs as a couple. You may also consider something upbeat, that creates a feeling of excitement you can share with your guests. There are so many choices you can make, and it will take some time to decide what suits you best.

Planning the Wedding Ceremony Music
Whatever your musical choices, you will need to choose a specific piece of music to walk down the isle with. Some traditional choices are the Wedding March, or Pachabell Cannon, but nearly any piece of music that you find beautiful can work. Keep in mind that the music will cease when you get to the end of the isle, so the length of the isle is important. You can cue the music to start in a certain section so you hear the part you want while you walk down the isle.

You also may choose to have shorter pieces of music played during your ceremony. It is advisable that you take note of the wordings of the songs and select meaningful wedding songs only. There can be no better song than the one that can bring back memories of the first date or any other memorable event in the hearts of the bride and groom. This can create such a beautiful moment for you and your guests to reflect on your marriage and wedding, and allow you to take a moment to revel in the experience. You can choose pieces that have meaning for you, or you can ask family members that you wish to honor to choose something significant. Either way, it is a great way to add a personal touch to your ceremony.

While selecting wedding songs for the ceremony, you need to follow the rules and regulations the wedding venue establishment may have. Some places may prohibit a particular kind of musical instrument, for example.

If you are inviting an instrument orchestra, then you need to ensure there is sufficient space for them, as they will likely have a large number of musical instruments.

Planning the Wedding Party Music
Choosing the music for your wedding reception or party is also a very significant process. There are two options that you have.

Find a DJ
Generally this is a solution chosen by the greatest majority of couples as it is more convenient. Hiring a DJ does not need to be expensive and it's not necessary to be a professional. The couples may have friends who are good at this and who have also participated at such events without this being their everyday job.

If you do opt for a professional, there are some tips for selecting your DJ.

DJ's are also recommended for wedding music because they can offer a larger variety of songs and styles. Sometimes your guests have their own preferences that can be more easily taken in account by a DJ.

Hire a Band
Hiring a band represents another alternative for wedding music planning. This is indeed a more expensive option but a band can create another type of atmosphere during the wedding, a more intimate one. Listening to a band singing live induces a state of mind that can't be compared to anything. But there is the chance of them not knowing some songs that you want to hear.

Mixed Solution
You might consider using both methods because a band will need some rest and these moments can be filled with music provided by the DJ. But this is the most expensive alternative and not used so often.

Whether you choose a band or a DJ for wedding music, you'll want to get involved in this important part of the wedding. You may want to take the time to make a 'play' and 'do not play' list. You must express your own opinions to the DJ or the band about what kind of music you prefer. Unless you want hardcore heavy metal or rap, you will need to make your choices clear to your DJ or band. You have to let them know if there are special songs or some special music that you want to be performed.

Don't forget that your guests will make requests, and it will be easier for your musicians or DJ to say no to these requests if you have created a definitive list.

Some couples decide to base their wedding on a certain theme. This could be determined by their respect to a certain tradition, for example a Jewish wedding. And such a theme must be taken into consideration when thinking about their wedding music.

Wedding music planning owes its importance because of the fact that it reflects the significance of the event but it also determines the success of it by its capacity to create a festive ambiance. Your music choices set the tone for your wedding and is a chance to personalize and add the sentimental charm that makes your wedding uniquely your own.


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