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Many brides often underestimate the power of good invitation card for a wedding. While planning your wedding, you may give more importance to the wedding dress, flowers, gifts, cakes, photographer and many other things. However, you should not forget that it is your invitation card that produces sparks of enthusiasm as the recipients start preparing mentally themselves to celebrate the big event in your life. Here are some tips on how to give a personal touch to the invitation card for your wedding.

There are so many styles that are in fashion for invitation cards today. Choosing the style that matches your personality is no less difficult than choosing the right life partner. There are invitation cards with simple foil embossed border. There can be an invitation with fragrant and delicate inlaid petal paper. You may also choose a fun and personal photo card that is custom designed for you. A cotton paper invitation with ultra sophisticated letterpress is also a good option. Or you can choose any other style that looks attractive to you.

There is an age old saying that a picture is a thousand times better then mere words. So, how about getting your image printed on the invitation card. To give your invitation card an artistic touch, custom design it with both text and the photograph. Alternatively, let the invitation card remain as usual and insert your photograph with it.

There are some add-on items that can be added to the invitation card to further decorate it. You can tie the invitation cards with colored satin ribbons. If your invitation card is enveloped, then you may need to use a little longer ribbon. Long ribbons are also useful to attach silk flowers with the invitation cards.

You can further beautify your invitation cards by wrapping them up with translucent vellum. This very thin paper wraps the card in such a way that very much resembles gift-wrap. People are also trying to find better substitutes to vellum. The latest trend is to use envelopment to put your card. It is really a different kind of folder. The best part is that it you can wrap it according to your wish, as there is no restriction of size, shape, color or style to choose from.

Finally, why don't overlook using the Internet as a resource for wedding invitations. Visit some sites you find and take notice of the many ideas for matching your invitation ensemble.


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