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Flowers are the most common and most beautiful of wedding decorations. Make an effort to choose flowers that fit your taste and style for the wedding. They will show up at the ceremony, reception, and in photos for years to come.

You can help your florist plan your arrangements if you bring pictures or fabric swabs of gowns and colors used in the wedding. Also try to bring along a layout of the church and reception facility.

If your floral designer is unable to be present for the ceremony, ask for specific instructions for handling the flowers. You may want to assign specific people (a bridesmaid or family member) to handle floral items.

Be careful when designing a bouquet that it is not too large, which would obscure the details of your dress. Flowers should compliment, never upstage your look. Keep in mind the proportion of your body when selecting the size of your bouquet.

In terms of floral color, pick something that offers a contrast to your gown. Floral arrangements that closely match the gown may get lost in photographs. When planning the color of the flowers at the altar, keep in mind that dark colors tend to lose visual impact in photos. Lighter colors will stand out better.

Ask the florist to separate the men's lapel buds and the flowers for the mothers, grandparents, brides, and attendants. This keeps people from running in and out of the bride's dressing room to get flowers.

When working with your florist, do not hesitate to be specific about what you like and what you want. If you want something lush and lavish, DO IT. You should expect a spectacular bouquet just for you on your special day.

Have your florist arrange two bridal bouquets, one for the ceremony and one to be thrown at the reception. This will allow you to preserve a bouquet that was designed especially for you.

Finally, begin searching for a florist at least 3 months in advance of your wedding date. Ask for references and check them closely. Check their shop to get a feel for the designer's style and taste.


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