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Wedding destinations can be charming or exotic and the choice will depend on the desires of the wedding couple along with the amount of money they have budgeted for the trip. The amount of money in the budget will govern the distance, the time and the accommodations. The couple with an unlimited budget could go thousand of miles and stay there for weeks. The couple with a limited budget might have to stay close to home for only a few days.

Many couples choose traditional wedding destinations because these are some of the most beautiful places in the country. For example, many newly married couples visit the Grand Canyon, Disneyland, Aspen or Cape Cod. Other special destinations in the country include Las Vegas, Atlantic City and New York. Most couples stay at these wedding destinations about a week before they have to get back to jobs and other responsibilities.

Wedding Destinations Abroad Are Exciting but Expensive
Newly married couples often opt for a foreign wedding destination if their budget permits. Getting married aboard a cruise ship has become popular, as has taking a honeymoon cruise. The foreign wedding destinations are fantastic, and many couples find it hard to choose a destination right away. Some couples leave for Tahiti as soon as the ceremony is over, and they meet plenty of other newly married couples when they arrive. Paris is another great wedding destination, and the couples who go to the City of Light always have great reports when they return. Paris is close to many other European destinations that the couple might include on a day trip.

There are other exotic wedding destinations in the Far East. Bangkok, Thailand is a great wedding destination because there are great shops, tours and restaurants. China including Hong Kong is another great place for a wedding trip. The country is vibrant and exciting for any tourist so the wedding couple will have fun. South America has wonderful wedding destinations such as Brazil. Many wedding couples head for Aruba or the Bahamas. There is usually great weather in this area and lots of activities for those with a few days off for their honeymoon.


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