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Tips for Selecting a DJ for your Wedding


Choosing a disc jockey for your wedding entertainment can be very important to the success of the event. Below are some questions that should always be asked before saying 'how much do you charge?'

What type of party experience does your DJ have?
Is he or she experienced enough to handle unforeseen circumstances that may arise. They should offer appropriate music during certain times. Dinner and cocktail music should be played during the meal and change to dance or upbeat music after, when the couple feels is appropriate. Additionally, the DJ should work well with other professionals, such as the caterer and photographer.

What type of events does your DJ regularly play?
Obviously one would prefer the answer 'weddings.' Many disc jockeys serve other markets and only do weddings when one comes along. Weddings are unique from proms or clubs and should be treated that way by entertainers. There is certain etiquette that needs to be displayed in a wedding entertainer, and an inexperienced DJ can end up ruining your wedding reception.

Can the DJ provide local references?
The key to a disc jockey service is repeat business and word of mouth advertising. Ask for phone numbers or email addresses of past customers and have questions prepared to ask them about their experiences with the DJ.

Is the disc jockey's price a good value?
Shop around but don't settle for the bottom line. There are bargain DJ services where you get more than your money's worth. There are also services that will charge you too much. Watch out for companies that will try to take advantage of a couple preparing for a wedding.

What type of equipment will your DJ use?
Make sure there is all professional equipment, no home speakers and home-built lights. You are hopefully hiring a professional who takes his job seriously. Make sure they have made an investment in equipment. Only expect the best. No bride and groom should have to worry about the microphone or speakers dying in the middle of their reception!

Will the DJ play a wide variety of music?
You want to find a DJ that will entertain everyone at the reception. The music library should contain everything from big band , oldies, disco, country, rock, and should be on digital compact disc. They should also offer to purchase any of your special songs that they do not have in their music library. Also, ask for a sample music listing.


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