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Planning Your Wedding Photography


Never underestimate the importance of photography, while planning your wedding. The reason is very simple. These photos will keep the moments of your wedding day alive for generations to come.

So, like everything else about your wedding, also do thorough research before you hire a photographer. No doubt, money plays an important role in making such decisions, but if you get bad photos or no photos at all, then it really doesn't matter how much you save. So, do not make hasty decisions while finalizing the photographer and tell him very clearly about the style of photography you want for your wedding. Hiring the same photographer for the engagement will be beneficial, as you will get to interact with him before the wedding day.

When discussing your wedding photography needs, do not suppress the creativity of the photographer. Do not require him to copy the style of photos that you've seen elsewhere. Make sure before hiring the photographer that he understands well the style of photography you need. But, allow him to use his artistic creativity to capture spontaneous moments.

There is a popular misconception that mid-day is the best time for photography. You can get good photos during mid-day only if it is overcast. Otherwise, afternoon or evening light is best for the photography. Another important point is that you should give sufficient time to the photographer, since it would be unfair to expect good results if your photo session ends in just five or ten minutes.

Here are a few tips for you that have nothing to do with the photographer. While planning your wedding, you should also plan the day before your wedding. You need to get complete rest and a balanced diet with plenty of water. You are not going to get good photos if you are hungry, thirsty or tired. In addition, you should experiment with your hairstyle or make up on the wedding day. Do whatever is possible regarding your make up and hairstyle so that you look fresh and good. Hiring the services of a professional make up and hair stylist is not a bad idea. However, you must have at least one trial session with him or her before the wedding day.


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