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Planning a wedding in Aspen Colorado


Aspen Colorado is considered by many as an ideal place for a wedding. There is no doubt that Aspen Colorado has so much to offer. It has wonderful mountain views, forests, festivals, music, arts, and great people that could make it a place worthy of tying the knot. Aspen Colorado even has unrivaled resorts that could be perfect as a wedding location.

One of the renowned Aspen Colorado wedding locations today is the Aspen Glen Club. This place is strategically nestled in the Roaring Fork Valley that offers a perfect view to every nearby attraction. If you enjoy the beauty of the mountains, the river, and all Mother Nature has to offer, then the Aspen Glen Club could be the perfect venue for your wedding celebration.

This wedding location at the Aspen Glen Club gives you full view of the Roaring Fork River, and you can also enjoy the beauty of Mount Sopris. There is even the mountain lodge Club House, which brings the spirit of warm and tempting setting. And, whether you are opting for a luxurious black tie affair for 200 or an intimate mountain gathering, this Aspen Colorado wedding location offers the best in the selection, views, and service.

Aspen Glen Club offers everything you need to make your day worthwhile. If you want a horse drawn carriage during your wedding, then this Aspen Colorado wedding place could provide that for you. In fact, several wedding couples have experienced the magical beauty of riding in a horse drawn carriage driven by sophisticatedly dressed chauffeur. This service is usually taken to escort the bride to her ceremony. In addition, the Aspen Glen Club, as an ultimate Aspen Colorado wedding place, offers chocolate fountain or perfect flowers for the wedding. So, if you want them, then this Aspen Colorado wedding place has all the resources you need.

Finally, the Aspen Glen Club has long been deemed as one of the most picturesque Aspen Colorado wedding locations in the Roaring Fork Valley. Aside from its great accommodation and unrivaled service, this Aspen Colorado wedding place offers scenic mountains, lush wildflowers, as well as flowing streams that will definitely create wonderful and attractive backdrops for capturing the special moments of your unforgettable day – your wedding day.


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