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Your wedding doesn't have to be the only party you'll have.


by Martin McAllister


Regardless of whether you choose to plan your wedding yourself, or hire a wedding planner to handle the arrangements; when it comes to planning for your big day, the stress and worry caused by organising such an immense celebration can be overwhelming. Its extremely important, therefore, to remember to relax periodically along the path to your special day. In fact, throwing smaller celebrations along the way can really help take the edge off things, and so your wedding day doesnt have to be the only party youll have during your engagement.

Following your engagement, its often an excellent idea to throw an engagement party for your family and close friends. Traditionally, the brides mother is in charge of this event, but now more people are increasingly throwing engagement parties themselves. This can be a fantastic way to relax before having to begin giving serious thought to your wedding plans, but it can also be used as a superb way of spreading the news of your impending marriage.

Other ideas for parties during the run up to your wedding include bridal and couples showers. Encourage your friends to throw a bridal shower for you, and itll definitely help you to relax while the momentum builds up towards your big day; plus, youll receive even more gifts from your friends and family! The tradition of the bridal shower is said to have emerged in Holland, when a poor brides family would not have enough money to supply her dowry. Today, however, the trend of the bridal shower has become particularly prevalent in North America and it provides an excellent way of chilling out with your friends before the stress of your wedding becomes truly unbearable!

Of course, one of the most important parties to have before your wedding is your bachelor or bachelorette party. These parties tend to be portrayed as drunken and raucous affairs, but they dont have to be so. In fact, if you want to enjoy a truly relaxing bachelor or bachelorette party, you could choose to visit a day spa or a spa hotel with your friends, or perhaps play a round of golf instead. Or why not plan a weekend away with your friends to a thrilling destination for a change of scenery? It might be just the thing needed to help calm your nerves before that all-important day.

While your bridesmaids or the best man at your wedding might organise all these events for you, there are many hotels available which can offer wedding planning services; and help to take some of the pressure off your friends. Just make sure you take enough time out to relax before your wedding - it could make all the difference when it comes to your special day!


Martin McAllister is a freelance online journalist. He lives in Scotland.


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