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Wedding Planning - Deciding On Music To Play At Your Wedding


by Brandi Clark


One of the most difficult decisions to make when planning your wedding is what music to play. Do you play jazz, classical, country, or should you consider "oldies but goodies?"

Of course, if you have a theme to your wedding then music that fits the theme would be appropriate. For instance, if you intend to "get hitched" at a country themed wedding then you should play some "boot scootin'" music. Otherwise, if you don't have a specific theme in mind then your song choices are vast.

When considering music for your wedding try to think if there are songs that have special meaning to you, or maybe a specific genre of music is your favorite. Do you and your fiance have a special song? Do you and your dad have a special song that you want to play when your dad is walking you down the aisle? Think through these questions to help decide what music you should play at your wedding or wedding reception.

Wagner's "Wedding March" from Lobengrin also known as "Here Comes The Bride" is still the most popular music played as the bride walks down the aisle. But maybe you want something a bit less traditional. Why not walk down the aisle to an appropriate pop song or soundtrack from a favorite movie or musical?

As stated, choosing music for a wedding ceremony or wedding reception is rather difficult. The most important concept to remember is play music that reflects who you are. Think outside the box.


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