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Ways to Save Money When Planning a Wedding


by Ashley Beck


What are the ways to save money for my wedding? What are the wedding tips? These are questions that continually arise when planning a wedding. Here are few tips to get you started saving money on your BIG day!!

First, when you are a bride-to-be, you have "Take Advantage of Me" written all over you. Most brides dont know how to negotiate and will pay the first price offered. If someone is to going to pay that price, great, charge it. But you dont have to pay that exorbitant price!! Dont think that the first price they offer is the lowest one they are really willing to take. Since most young brides are new at weddings, vendors know they can get away with a lot more...including the price of their services or product.

A great tip for working with vendors: When a vendor calls you back the very next day saying, "I have someone else looking at that same date; I need you to make a decision now." 90% of the time, they are lying. Unless you absolutely trust them because they are friend or youve had many good recommendations to use that person, either find someone else or wait and make sure that is who you want. Dont be pressured into buying either products or services, you dont feel 100% comfortable with. Be choosy! Pay what you want, not what they want! Negotiate till you get a price youre comfortable with and is in your budget.

The next wedding tip is there is normally a 25-30% mark-up if it says "Wedding." Yes, this is true. When a vendor, store, or product says "Wedding Shoes," "Wedding Photography," etc... It will always be more expensive than "Normal Shoes" or "Normal Photography." Keep this in mind when you are shopping. Try to find those things which arent specifically "Wedding." This will save you lots of money!!

You dont ever have to pay premium price for anything! Don't do it!! Find those less expensive vendors!!

One way to keep track of all the different vendors in all the areas you have to plan is a Wedding Organizer. Normally these can be expensive at a Wedding Store or Barnes & Noble, etc... Why not create your own for a fraction of the cost?? All you need to do is go to Wal-Mart, Office Depot (somewhere like that) and get a three inch 3 ring binder with a slip cover in the front, three hole dividers and three hole plastic business card holders. Label the dividers with all the different categories you will need for your wedding. Put business card holders in each category. This way you can keep organize all the different places and vendors you visit. Also if you get a three ring binder with a slip cover, you can put a picture of you and your fiancée in there. This way everybody can see "your guy."

A helpful tip: Once youve decided on a certain vendor and completed a contract, take out everybody else that you're not using. This will help keep the weight of your organizer down!


Ashley Beck is President of Affordable Wedding Secrets. She looks over all the information on saving money on your wedding that she can get her hands on. She pulls out the best and shares that with you! Her company offers free tips and tricks to help you save money!! She wants to give you 4 secrets to save money on your wedding favors at


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