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Top 5 Reasons Why an Event Planner is a Must For a Relaxing Wedding Day


by Adam OConnor


How do you know if you need an event planner for your wedding? Whether you are planning an outdoor wedding or an indoor one, a planner can help your vision become a reality. A planner can in fact help a couple hone in on what their vision for a wedding really is. It can also be a smart move economically - the planner knows your budget and can help you stick to it. Plus, its easier to have fun on your wedding day when someone else is taking care of any unexpected catastrophes.

The top five reasons for hiring an event planner are:

1. Your wedding will be stress free. Even the best-planned wedding will have challenges. The pleasure of wedding planning can go out the door when the bride and/or groom are trying to handle everything and they become overwhelmed. A professional planner will supervise all the events related to your wedding so you no longer have to be anxious about the details.

2. You will have more time for yourself. The average wedding can take over 250 hours to plan. Event planners can assist in many ways. They are exposed to numerous weddings and suppliers so they may well know the best in the local market. They can recommend and source products and suppliers in a fraction of the time it would take if you were to do it yourself.

3. Your special day will be more organized. Event planners are prepared to help you with design, financial, legal, etiquette and many more related issues. Simply put, they can assist and guide you in making informed decisions. You can depend on your planner to evaluate vendor contracts and get clarification before you sign. Your planner will also coordinate dress fittings, florists, reception venues, etc.

4. An event planner will save you money. A lot of people argue that the reason they do not hire an event planner is that it would be an extra cost on their part. What they do not know is that discounts are more likely to happen because the event planner has extensive connections with wedding vendors.

5. The decisions will still be yours. The decisions are still with the couple, even if they opt to hire an event planner. The planner will just guide, make some suggestions, and assist you in making some decisions. You will still be able to have your own style and preferences when it comes to your wedding.

While wedding organizer books can help you stay on top of things, they are no substitute for a professional wedding planner. The right wedding coordinator with the right wedding package can work miracles for your special day, while you and your loved ones relax and enjoy yourselves.


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