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To Speak or Not to Speak

The wedding speech or speeches, are they necessary? If you choose to have a wedding speech or two at your wedding there are some things to think about first.

A wedding speech can be a lovely and meaningful addition to the wedding or the wedding speech can be embarrassing and less than welcomed. When deciding on the wedding speech begin by considering who you might want to give the wedding speech or speeches.

Often the best man and maid of honor or matron of honor will give a wedding speech. This can be perfectly fine but it may be a good idea to discuss this plan with each of these folks first. How many times have you been at a wedding and it is time for the wedding speech and you are expecting to hear something appropriate and maybe even touching? Instead the person giving the wedding speech starts talking about past girlfriends of the groom, drinking antics or other really unsavory escapades enjoyed by the newly married bride or groom. Is this the type of wedding speech anyone wants to hear?

Then there is the wedding speech that has never seen the light of day before the very moment it is give. Everyone in the room realizes the person giving the wedding speech has not spent a single minute planning or thinking about the wedding speech before the words began tumbling out of the speech-givers mouth.

Sometimes a wedding speech is given by every single member of the wedding party. It is often evident that most people in the wedding party had no idea that they were going to be asked to give a wedding speech.

If you would like to avoid these wedding speech mistakes you should make sure every wedding speech giver is well aware that they will be addressing the group gathered at the wedding or reception. Those really serious about appropriate and well-planned wedding speeches could also request that any wedding speech giver writes down what they plan to say. This gives the bride and groom a chance to read the wedding speech before the ceremony and make suggestions or omissions.

Do not hesitate to set some guidelines for any wedding speech that will be given at your wedding. It is a special day and one that does not need to be tainted by an inappropriate wedding speech.


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