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Tips On Dressing Every Body In Your Bridal Party


Your wedding day should be one of the most memorable days of your life. Its definitely not a secret that when it comes time to get the wedding party dressed, the bride-to-be groans at the thought of all the difficulties. Figuring out how to fit everyone in your bridal party can be a bit tricky considering that everyone has different sizes and shapes, but dont despair! Below are a few helpful tips to make sure everybody looks their best so youll be free to worry about the other twenty things youre sure to have on your mind.

If your bridesmaid has a fuller lower body than her upper body, you should try and balance her figure by minimizing the bottom half and emphasizing the top. For instance: choose a design that details the upper half like bodices, embroidery, off-the-shoulder sleeves and beads just to name a few. You want the look of a minimal skirt so as not to bring attention to the fuller bottom half of her body. Try a skirt with soft pleats or heavier fabrics that wont cling to her hips.

If your bridesmaid has a full figure, dont make the mistake of having her try to overexpose her assets and certainly dont cover them up entirely. Necklines like scoop, square or V, show off this figure the best. Choose floating material that can easily camouflage any extra pounds. Make sure that she avoids clingy fabrics and overly ornate designs that will add thickness and bulk.

If one of your bridesmaids is on the thin side, fill out her figure with full skirts or gathers to create the illusion of curves. Textured fabrics that are beaded or embroidered are a great way to go. Remember, not all of your bridesmaids need to match. Some brides have maids match in pairs, with each pair wearing a different pastel or seasonal color. Others even make each dress unique.

It doesnt have to be an ordeal to find something perfect for everyone in your party. With these tips, at least it makes it a little bit easier.


Article written by Alex Daniels

Alex consults for a wedding supply outlet specializing in cheap wedding favors and other quality, wedding stuff.


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