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The Edible Wedding Centerpiece

Not all wedding centerpieces need to be made of flowers and candles. Your centerpieces should reflect your personality and originality. Why not have edible centerpieces that your guests can munch on during your reception? It can also be a great conversation starter! Whatever is left can go home with a lucky guest from each table, including a classic serving dish.

Weve pulled together some ideas for edible centerpieces that are sure to be a hit. Personalize them to your style and taste and youll have an original decoration for your wedding!

  • Fill a glass bowl with caramels or use other wrapped candy like chocolate kisses or chocolate hearts for a more romantic touch. We prefer wrapped candies to keep bugs off the food and for hygiene reasons, not everyone at a table will want to eat food touched by other guests.

  • On each table have a cake tray covered with decorated cupcakes or iced cookies in lieu of a wedding cake. Theres no need to serve dessert because its already on the table. The cupcakes and cookies can be decorated in a variety of flavors and styles and colors to suit your day.

  • Fill a fruit bowl or large straight vase with fresh seasonal fruits that match or compliment your bridal party colours. Use oranges, apples, peaches or apricots, depending on the season and your wedding colors. Lemons and limes can also be used as a colorful alternative. The smell of fresh fruit will help to brighten up any reception hall. The lucky guests who take the centerpieces home can use the fruit at their leisure.

  • Use a fondue pot filled with melted chocolate. For dessert your guests can dip pieces of fruit into the chocolate without leaving their table. Make sure to clear this idea with your caterer first since theyll be involved in the set up and clean up. This is best used for small weddings with fewer tables and hence less mess to worry about.

  • Set out ceramic jack-o-lanterns with Halloween candy for a late October wedding. Keep it tasteful and avoid gaudy items.

Things to remember:

  • Check to see if your guests have allergies to any foods. If they do, avoid having those foods as part of your centerpiece.
  • If youre inviting children to your wedding make sure that the centerpieces are child-friendly.
  • Make sure that candies are already wrapped when you purchase them. No one wants to be eating candy that has already been handled by someone else. It will also make taking the leftover candy home much easier.

We hope these ideas have helped to inspire you in your search for your perfect wedding centerpiece. These are just a few things you do to make your wedding special and unique. Bon appetit!


Article written by Christopher Smith

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