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by Katie M. Jarvis, President


Wedding Planning is a very tumultuous industry which is why there is a whole market for wedding planners. Weddings can range from extravagant to the very simplest, but either way, planning a wedding is stressful and can be extremely overwhelming.

When I lived in New York City, I experienced how frazzled and stressed out my friends were, and that's when I started thinking, why are they stressed out? The wedding market is saturated with endless amounts of information and people have so many resources at their fingertips, from the web, magazines, wedding planners, the list goes on and on. So that's when I started thinking what is the REAL problem of why wedding planning is so stressful, and then what is the solution to that?

This is when I met with a team of wedding experts, and it was determined that ORGANIZATION is simply the missing link to this equation. When a couple gets engaged they are immediately overwhelmed with endless tasks on an undefined schedule, and then comes the details that begin to pile up so quickly, you're almost behind from the get-go...and well where is the organization? Do couples have the resources to gain immediate organization?

One Stop Wedding Planner is the solution. We take stress out of wedding planning; out of the equation. Our tool has 15 planning areas including Budget, Food, Transportation, Music, Photography, Wedding Party information, plus so much more. We've designed a TO-DO list and calendar that lists every possible task from the day you get engaged to the day of the wedding and we'll send you reminders when tasks are past due. We've also developed a unique Floor Plan application where you can create your own customized floor plan, and enter guest names at each table and print this for your reception coordinator.

A bonus is that everything on the site is printable, so you can print your daily schedule and take it on the go, or print your monthly schedule and post it all around the house if need be. You can print your wedding day agenda, and details for all your vendors, which is easy for you and they'll be extremely thankful.

This tool keeps you so organized, it's amazing. It's going to revolutionize the wedding planning experience. There is no other service in the market like this. It's extremely user friendly, affordable, and truly is the wedding stress-relieving miracle. visit the site, and take a tour. If you have any questions, you can contact us


Katie Jarvis has worked in the event planning industry for 4 years, organizing some of the largest events in New York City. Katie began her career in Fashion, working for Tommy Hilfiger as an Account Manager. She realized her passion for event planning, and accepted an Event Coordinator position. It wasn't too long before she decided to start her own company, and designed the magical wedding planning tool that revolutionized the industry.


Master Wedding Planning Guide

Master Wedding Planning Guide
  • The Master Wedding Planning Guide is the easiest to follow system for learning how to plan a wedding available. It is jam-packed with information, including over 150 cost saving tips covering every aspect of your wedding, the questions that you must ask to make sure that you get what YOU want and avoid getting ripped off, timelines, budgets, seating plans, bride/groom photos and much more.
  • The Master Wedding Planning Guide will teach you how to plan your wedding like a professional wedding planner, so you can organize everything and be as prepared as you can be, while still having that once in a lifetime wedding you have always dreamed about - this is truly cutting-edge material

Download the Master Wedding Planning Guide


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