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How To Throw a Great Bridal Shower - What You Need To Know


by Adam OConnor


Throwing a bridal shower can be a load of fun, whether its traditional or creative, and especially if theres an original and personalized angle to it. Any party planner will tell you that the trick to throwing a successful shower begins with a great theme. Set the tone and launch the theme from the beginning with the invitations. Anything too close to the date gets in the way of wedding preparations and anything past a few months can be anti-climactic - the perfect time to host a shower is one to two months before the wedding day.

Bridal shower games get the party going, and are great icebreakers. Here are some ideas:

1. Who Am I? Write the names of famous personalities on index cards. Attach a card to each guests back as she arrives. The guest must not know whose name is attached to her back. To find out, she must ask the other guests for clues. The first person to identify the correct name is the winner.

2. Bride Trivia: make up trivia cards beforehand with questions about the bride - "how did she get the scar on her knee?" "What was her first pets name?" et cetera. Read the cards out to the guests. The guest that answers the most questions correctly wins a prize.

3. The Purse Game: the hostess draws up a list of items likely to appear in a womans purse and allocates a point value to each item ranging from 1-5 depending on how uncommon the item is. An eyelash curler might be a 5 on the scale for example, a mirror a 3, and car keys a 1. The hostess might also decide to allow 10 bonus points for the guest who can produce the most outrageous item from her purse. The guest with the most points wins the game.

Popular bridal shower themes include tea party, where you can serve tea along with finger sandwiches, petite fours etc. You can also have an ethnic theme, where you use the brides heritage to plan a shower with her favorite cultural foods. Serve fresh fruit, poi poi and tropical drinks at a Hawaiian themed wedding shower, for example.

Most often showers are afternoon or evening events, though any time of day is acceptable. Many bridal parties now take the bride out for a day at the spa instead of a shower. For an active Jack or Jill (couple) shower the party could be a beach barbecue complete with volleyball, Frisbee, music and dancing.

Article By Michelle OConnor, Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Ideas


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