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How I Created My Perfect Beach Wedding


by Morgan Hamilton


I have been in love with the beach since I was a little girl. I often spend my time sitting on the beach just staring out at the ocean. The ocean seems incredibly serene and powerful to me. It was also my dream to hold my wedding ceremony on the beach. I was determined that I would be having a beach wedding someday from the time I was 10 years old. I still carried that idea with me all the way through my college years. In fact, my mind was already thinking ahead to how I was finally going to have my dream beach wedding, when my fiance slipped a ring on my finger.

However, my fiance wasnt exactly thrilled with the idea of a wedding on the beach because the closest beach to our hometown was more than three hours away. Nevertheless I was still determined to have a beach wedding, even if it means limiting the number of guests that would actually attend. Unfortunately, my fiance was still not sold out on my dream wedding after several months of debate on setting a date. He finally gave in when he realized that nothing less than a beach wedding would make me happy.

I was glad when I found a lovely inn that was located directly on the beach. However, I had to reserve all of the guest rooms for the weekend in order to have my wedding there. It was quite expensive but I reserved the rooms because I was in love with the little inn. My older sister, who was assigned as the wedding coordinator, was more than happy to take control of my beach wedding plans.

My sister has a lot of experience with weddings and is capable of going over lots of details that I would never think about. She suggested that I should get married in the morning because of the position of the sun, so that we will not have our photos taken with everyone squinting because the sun is in our eyes the entire time.

She also told me that the breeze at the beach might affect my beach wedding. I didnt realize that the breeze might blow my dress out of place and might also blow the sand around. As a result, I had to adjust my thoughts on buying a dress and how Id wear my hair to deal with all of the factors that had been brought to my attention. I purchased a dress that was a bit more form fitting and didnt have a long train. I also realized that it would not be a good idea to wear a veil and decorate the chairs with flowers and ribbons. I made sure that everything that was going to take place on the beach very simple and hassle-free.

Fortunately, our wedding turned out to be absolutely perfect. You have to plan accordingly, if youre also planning a beach wedding. You may have to adjust some of your plans in order to make things as simple and perfect as possible, but it is certainly worth it.


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