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Getting Married Second Time Around


by Chris Morton


Planning for a Second Marriage Ceremony

Feeling guilty or awkward because you are marrying for the second time? Dont. There is something about the second time to be thankful for. Perhaps its because the pressure of the first time is off. Or perhaps its because you are a bit older. Whatever the reason though, second time around can be much more enjoyable than the first.

Sometimes the second time around is the charm. A recent study by the U.S. Census Bureau found that 54 percent of divorced women remarry within 5 years and 75 percent within 10 years. Some questions can often arise regarding wedding etiquette in second marriages. Can you have a shower? What do you wear? What about the ceremony, should it be different? Here are some quick tips to maintaining etiquette surrounding your special day:

The Bridal Shower(s) It is okay for second brides to have bridal showers. However, there are some limitations regarding who to invite and registering. Invitees should only be invited wedding guests, and they should not be those who attended the first wedding. If there are people invited to the second wedding that attended the first, they should not be expected to bring a gift. You should register, as it helps guests know what to buy, but any gifts should be lifestyle related and not expensive.

The Ceremony Some second brides think that they cannot have a second religious ceremony, but often churches will perform second wedding ceremonies. Many couples, though, choose a civil ceremony. Other considerations need to be made for family members, like children, to determine who will walk the bride down the aisle, and what part they want to play in the ceremony. The only major "dont" when it comes to second weddings is that the bride or groom should not have the ceremony and/or reception in the same place where the first wedding occurred.

The Dress There is still debate as to whether or not a second-time bride should wear a white dress. There is no one resounding opinion, so it really depends on what you see as the symbol of a white dress. Those that see the white dress as a symbol of virginity and purity should probably avoid white. However, many people today associate white with joy and happiness, so they may opt for white.

Like with a first wedding ceremony, the dress should reflect the personality of the bride and flatter her figure. A veil can be worn by a second-time bride, but a blusher veil should be avoided as it is only appropriate for first-time brides. Instead hats, hair ornaments, flowers, or even cascading veils are appropriate.

Second weddings are becoming more commonplace today, and there are fewer and fewer limitations for couples giving marriage a second go-around. Second-time weddings are actually easier for brides and grooms to plan, because they already have some planning experience.


Chris Morton ran hotels and restaurants for 17 years - catering for 100s of weddings. His wife Sue is a wedding planner with 10 years experience. Together they have established to provide unbiased help for brides and grooms. email:


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