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Bridal Beauty and Makeup Tips


by Natalie Aranda


The wedding day is not only the big event in a woman's life, but also the day in which all the guests' eyes are upon the bride, who is radiant from happiness, wanting to look picture-perfect for her big day. Bridal makeup tips, along with the proper hair care are basic to look and feel that way.

Since the very moment after the bride and groom have officially announced their engagement, planning for the wedding day should include the searching for wedding hairstyles and makeup tips. If the "Big Day" is on its way, keep in mind that it is best to look like yourself, but emphasizing special features of your face.

Your eyes are the window to your soul, so give them the proper frame applying a few of the eye makeup tips that you can easily find online, browsing magazines or asking a beauty advisor. However, not only the eyes, remember that there are a number of different makeup tips to help you look like a movie star.

Although hair care may continue as an ordinary activity, it may require particular attention in accordance to the different wedding hairstyles that you select in advance of your bridal gown. It is highly advisable to make the definite selection based on your wedding dress, but you must try several hairstyles before deciding on one of them.

Eye makeup tips should be practiced ahead of time to guarantee you will not look like a makeup experiment as a worse scenario. Curling your lashes to make your eyes open and stick to dark colored mascaras will make you look more natural, but if you want to add a dramatic effect, line your lower lashes.

Bridal makeup tips are enclosed with a simple concept: less is more. Because everybody will be looking at you on your wedding day, do not pretend to put all the makeup in the world all over your face. Masquerading yourself behind a heavily painted face will make you look artificial, particularly if you do not wear too much makeup in your every day activities.

Your diet and lifestyle will reflect in both your skin and your hair so the healthier your diet, the more beautiful you will look on the Big Day. Hair care should include a treatment with olive oil applied only on the hair's ends at bedtime and washing it off the next morning. Trim your hair every 4 to 5 weeks even if you are growing it for an updo, and do not brush it when it is wet.

Healthy hair deserves an exceptional hairdo chosen from the many wedding hairstyles, including updos, medium hairstyles, curly hairstyles and even celebrity hairstyles, just make sure to discuss with your stylists the different styles and test those that you would like to wear on your wedding day.


Natalie Aranda writes about health, beauty and makeup tips.


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