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Wedding Planning

A Helpful Guide to Wedding Planning


planning your weddingYour wedding is one of the moments in your life that you will never forget so planning it carefully should be a top priority. Planning a wedding can be a stressful task and having a lot on your mind can make you forget important things that will ruin one of the most important days of your life.

Not everyone can afford an expensive wedding planner, yet they still need advice and help planning their wedding. This wedding planner guide will help you with the most important things you should consider when you are planning your wedding.

Here's a wedding planning idea to get you started: You should begin a wedding planning checklist to ensure you get everything accomplished.


Wedding Planning - Reception Site
First you should decide where the reception will be and if necessary look for accommodation places for your wedding guests.

There are two types of reception sites. One may charge a per person fee which includes food, tables, silverware, china, facility and so forth, and another may charge a room rental fee and you will have to provide the food, linens, possibly tables and chairs and beverages.


Wedding Planning - Cakes and Bakers
One of the most important things your guest will remember is the wedding cake. So finding the best wedding cake baker and knowing what to ask him is very important. Some restaurants and hotels may also provide a wedding cake.

The best idea is to order it from a bakery that specializes in wedding cakes. Ask to see a portfolio of previous wedding cakes to look at and don’t forget: ask for a tasting! There are various kinds of cakes and cake fillings, so be sure to sample some.

You may also inquire about items like cake topers, tiers, fountains, cutters and stands. Ask if you can rent them and if you will be billed extra.

You should also find out how long before the wedding the cake is prepared. If anyone tells you that they can bake the cake in a day he or she is not telling the truth. Wedding cakes are complicated to bake and usually take between three and five days.

Wedding Planning - Caterers
For hors d’oeuvres there are many options depending on your reception formality and the type of food that will be served at the meal. Hors d’oeuvres will be offered to your guests during the first reception hours if you will serve a full meal during the reception. However, at a cocktail reception or a tea the “main course” will be hors d’oeuvres.


Wedding Planning - Your Wedding Dress

This section in our wedding planning guide and maybe the most important for you is the wedding dress. You will have a hard time to find the right one because after all… it must be perfect! So you should immediately begin looking for it. Don't worry if you don't like anything at the beginning... you will find it!


Wedding Planning - Flowers and Florists
Wedding flowers will add beauty, color and fragrance to every aspect of your wedding, and like everything else they should fit your color scheme and style. Begin searching for a florist at least 3 months in advance of your wedding date. Ask for references and check them closely. Check their shop to get a feel for the designer's style and taste.

Wedding Planning - Music
Music sets the tone for a lavish wild party or for an elegant and romantic affair, thus is one of the more important elements when planning a wedding. One of the newest books that could help you in the process of selecting your wedding music is The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Music from Wedding Solutions Publishing, Inc.

Wedding Planning - Favors
Have you ever seen those little tulle sacks filled with candies that have been handed out as wedding favors? These wedding favors are a very important part of planning for your wedding day because this is what will make your guests feel special on this day as you show them your appreciation. When it comes to having a new idea for your wedding favors you will have to consider both your theme and your budget. Of course, there are a lot of traditional ideas that could go with any theme and on any budget.


Wedding Planning - Photographers

You will want to hire a photographer who specializes in wedding photography. They will be experienced in wedding procedures and and you'll want to make sure they are familiar with your reception sites and ceremony. This will allow him/her to capture all the special moments by anticipating your next move and being at the right time in the proper place.


Wedding Planning - Your Budget

Are you planning a wedding on a budget? Another side that must be taken into account when planning the perfect wedding is your budget as everything depends on the financial situation. Either you rely on a low budget or on a larger one. The more involved you are in assisting the experts the less expensive it will be. For example, when you involve yourself actively in the organization of the wedding, such as hand writing of the invitations or decorating the reception hall, the event will be more original and less costly.

Flowers, invitations, music and photography are all personal choices you will make based on the style you desire for your wedding. These are also areas that you can trim your budget if you need to. Considering a simplified invitation and less formally arranged flowers can literally save you hundreds of dollars. The perfect wedding does not necessarily need to be the most expensive one!

Generally, if you can afford you should ask the help of a wedding planner. They are experts and know exactly what to do when dealing with such situations.


Wedding Planning - Other Important Things

You'll also want to include in your wedding planning guide the wedding invitations, jewelry, decorations that must match your wedding style, planning your ceremony and the bachelorette party. And maybe the most exciting one: find a destination for your honeymoon!


Master Wedding Planning Guide

Master Wedding Planning Guide
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